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A look at key criminal defendants in South Korean scandal
Sacramento Bee
Prosecutors have accused Park of colluding with Choi to pressure 16 companies to donate a total of 77.4 billion won ($66.7 million) for the launch of two foundations controlled by Choi. They also allege that Park, along with Choi, took millions of

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“Sic ’em! Thanks!” read one.

The boost to the ACLU’s $220 million budget will allow it to spend more on its state operations, which Romero said became critical after some legislatures took Trump’s election as a license to promote anti-immigrant, anti-civil rights and anti-abortion legislation.

“It feels like we’re drinking from a fire hydrant,” said ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero, adding that the election has brought immigration, refugee, reproductive, civil and voting rights “to a high boil.”

Esha Bhandari, an ACLU attorney in New York, said the public’s reaction lately is encouraging to those who gave up bigger salaries to work for the nonprofit organization.

After Trump’s election, the ACLU greeted the age of Trump on its website and magazine with a fresh slogan: “See you in court.” That was the same expression Trump used in his tweeted response to a federal appeals court’s decision refusing to reinstate the travel ban.

The ACLU was born in 1920 when a small group of idealists challenged then-Attorney General Mitchell Palmer’s order that thousands of people branded foreign anarchists or communists be arrested without warrants. Many were deported.

Redding Record Searchlight

Calendar of events: March 9, 2017
Redding Record Searchlight
… 4121 Shasta Dam Blvd., Shasta Lake and is free; donations accepted. Call 275-8007 and 275-5530. Weaverville Lions Easter Egg Hunt: 2 p.m. April 16 at Lowden Park in Weaverville. Egg hunt is for ages 10 and younger. Bring your own basket. Admission

Central Idaho students convert truck into electric vehicle
Sacramento Bee
Community School students raised the funds and did the research, and after days, nights and weekends of work, completed the transition of a 1997 Chevy S10 into an electric vehicle. In an interview last week, teacher Scott Runkel pointed out all the

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The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services also confirmed that high water levels south of Lambert Road are putting the community of Point Pleasant at risk for more flooding. Officials are advising those evacuating to head to a Courtland Fire Department station. 

Residents in the Point Pleasant area of Elk Grove have been advised to consider evacuation and moving to higher ground.

Cosumnes Fire is assisting Sac County Sheriff and CHP in the area of Lambert Road and Franklin Blvd. due to flooding.

Officials tweeted a message early Thursday that Snodgrass Slough at Lambert Road reached the 13.70 feet flood stage.

Capital Public Radio Staff

An evacuation center has been opened at Laguna Town Hall (3020 Renwick Avenue) in west Elk Grove. 

KCRA is reporting that residents did not receive the evacuation notice before the waters started to rise about five feet in three hours.

10:22 a.m.


The winter nor’easter may be slowly winding down, but some Connecticut schools plan to remain closed for a second day.


The National Weather Service says there’s a foot of snow in Litchfield and North Granby. Only 3 inches of snow are reported in coastal areas, where snow changed to sleet and freezing rain. Some areas could get 2 feet of snow by the time the storm ends.

Real time flight status updates can be found at www.flybdl.org.


Good Riddance! Family's Brutally Honest Obituary for Texas Man
The family of one Galveston man decided to be brutally honest when writing his obituary. Let's be real, the truth hurts, even when you're six feet under. Leslie Ray Charping passed away last month at the age of 74 from cancer. His family writes, in part:.
Leslie Ray Charping obituary. Carnes Funeral Home.Carnes Funeral Home
Texas man's obit blasts him as possessing 'no redeeming qualities'Chron.com
Galveston man's obituary: 'His life served no obvious purpose'KTRK-TV

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A local Allstate employee, Dennis DesLauriers, helped organize the drive, which ends Sept. 24. The following Allstate offices are accepting donations:

▪ 8355 Elk Grove Blvd. #400, Elk Grove

“It normalizes their hospitalization experience,” he said. “It keeps them focused on fun, gives them something to do and to think about and interact with so they’re not just dwelling on the fact that they’re in the hospital all day.”

▪ 7880 Alta Valley Drive #101, Sacramento

▪ 2197 Main St., Oakley

▪ 4030 Truxel Road, Sacramento

Also controversial was the quarterback’s admission earlier this month that he didn’t vote in the recent election. The Sacramento Bee subsequently reported that Kaepernick, 29, never has registered to vote.

Colin Kaepernick is sticking to his pledge to donate $1 million to his cause and to detailing where the money will be spent.

His protests have roiled the country, with some athletes, many in high school and younger, adopting his stance and others offended that he would disrespect a national symbol. President-elect Donald Trump suggested Kaepernick find a better country if he’s unhappy with this one.

“To make sure not only that I’m transparent in what I’m doing, but (also) that these organizations are transparent with where the money is going as well,” Kaepernick said.

The 49ers quarterback, who has commandeered a national spotlight by kneeling during his team’s pregame national anthem ceremony in protest of how minorities are treated in this country, has said he will donate $100,000 per month to like-minded groups.

His website, www.Kaepernick7.com, shows where the money for October and November has gone. He’s spent $25,000 each on two groups in San Jose, which is close to the 49ers headquarters; $25,000 each on two groups in Milwaukee, where he was born; $25,000 each on two groups in New York, where his girlfriend lives; and $25,000 for a group in Chicago and one in Dallas.

In response he said, “There’s more than one way to create change.”

In addition to his donations, Kaepernick held a “Know Your Rights” seminar for young people in Oakland during his team’s bye week that addressed police brutality and gave advice on education, finances, health and fitness.

However, shelter in place requirements have been lifted, according to police.  

“That’s what we have right now, the area is blocked off,” says Kinney. “We don’t know what the intentions are of this lady but we’re trying to establish contact with her. And, we got some mental health clinicians here in the area too to try and establish contact.” 

Witness Thomas Dodson says he and his fiance were walking over the bridge when they saw the situation.

The situation ended peacefully just moments ago with the woman surrendering to police and taken into custody.

No word yet on when the bridge will reopen, as police are still examining the car.

The woman surrendered to police and was taken into custody around 4:30 p.m.

Update 5:20 p.m.: Police in West Sacramento are using robots to examine a car parked in the roadway near Tower Bridge.

Police confirmed the woman did claim to have an explosive device.