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Sheard was in the mix for several of the Patriots’ best plays on defense on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. He still played as part of a rotation with just 28 snaps – no defensive lineman played more than 34 – but he made his presence felt up front. He got a hit on Rams quarterback Jared Goff, recorded two tackles, and got his hand on Goff’s arm on a pass attempt that led to linebacker Kyle Van Noy’s interception in the third quarter.

“That was a great job by Jabaal yesterday,” Belichick said during his Monday conference call. “He rushed well, he played the run well. He’s had a couple of good weeks here so it’s good to see him string them together.”

BOSTON (CBS) — In a Patriots season that to this point has been defined by attrition through injuries and trades, the defense really needed Jabaal Sheard to step up and play better than he has in 2016. Two weeks after he was a healthy scratch against the San Francisco 49ers, he appears to have received Bill Belichick’s message loud and clear.

By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

On why he left Tom Brady in the game late in the fourth quarter with the Patriots up 16 points: “Well, after the game turns out it’s easy to go back and make those comments, make those suggestions. But I’ve seen a few games in this league, seen those double-digit leads evaporate in a minute or two. I know that’s not a big concern when it doesn’t happen but then when it does happen it’s a major crisis and then there’s a lot of second guessing about what should’ve been done or shouldn’t have been done. We just try to keep moving in the game. We’re just trying to win the game.”

Yes, it was the Rams, who are not a particularly talented or well-coached football team. But it was nice to see a player as important to the defense as Sheard step up and play better than he has for most of the season. For a unit lacking playmakers and struggling to generate pressure up front for most of the season, Sheard’s bounce-back is a welcome sight for Belichick.

Jettisoning talented defenders like defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Jamie Collins (the latter in the middle of the season) has clearly had an effect on the playmaking (or lack thereof) by the Patriots defense, who are still just 20th in the NFL with 13 total takeaways despite recording three in the past two games. The Patriots’ strong performance against the Rams certainly helps their stats on paper; they are now 10th in the league in total defense and second in points allowed with just 17.3 per game.

It helps, however, that the Patriots have not faced much in the way of strong competition; the defense has looked at its worst when up against legitimate opponents like the Seattle Seahawks. But Belichick no doubt has to be pleased with their effort on Sunday, and it’s no coincidence that the defense looked better with Sheard playing at his best.

Cashman said the cause of the burst pipe was many years in the making; the problem occurred in a drain line that carries hot water. A valve in the drain line had been mistakenly set to open for years. Water gradually eroded the valve, leading to the rupture.

The problem went unnoticed for a long time because the pipe was hidden from view, located above a ceiling tile in a custodial closet.

Workers were busy cleaning up the damage from the broken valve in multiple classrooms Monday. The leak occurred Sunday on the fourth floor of the building and sent water cascading into the floors below for hours.

The damaged part of the high school houses health and science classrooms, as well as part of the Concord Regional Technical Center, special education classrooms and one large lecture hall.

“There was significant flooding,” Sica said.

Sica commended the efforts of school custodial staff, district officials and an outside contractor working to get the building ready to open Tuesday.

“That valve was on and just over time, under pressure, it cause a failure,” Cashman said. “It just happened to give way (Sunday).”

Concord High School students got an unexpected day off Monday after a burst pipe flooded one section of the building, but officials plan to resume all classes Tuesday.

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Mary Dent joins mortgage company
The Ridgefield Press
Mary Dent of Ridgefield has joined Stamford Mortgage Co., a subsidiary of Savings Bank of Danbury, as a senior mortgage loan officer. Dent graduated from the University of Vermont and holds a master's degree in regional planning from the University of …

Prosperity Law’s Edward Smethurst also claimed gagging orders have been used by “a number” of clubs, after Chelsea on Saturday apologised to former player Gary Johnson for the abuse he suffered as a trainee in the 1970s.

To give a sense of how fast the scandal is growing now, the latest police information is that new lines of inquiry are being followed at 55 clubs up and down the country, with Monday seeing fresh allegations about clubs and an official in Scotland.

“There are certain names who are coming in who do come up repeatedly.”

“There are specific allegations against specific individuals, many of whom have been rumoured to be involved for a long time — some of whom still work in the senior echelons of football, and it’s extremely worrying,” Smethurst said.

Woodward, whose harrowing interview with The Guardian nearly three weeks ago started a wave of allegations that has now swept over the entire game, said he and his partners are “fighting for justice” and trying to support fellow victims.

In Chelsea’s apology to Johnson, the club said they “no longer felt it appropriate to keep confidentiality in place.” Smethurst, however, said his Manchester-based firm has never told a client to ask for confidentiality in a case that involves possible criminal activity.

The lawyer who helped set up a new trust to raise money for footballers who were sexually abused as young players has said some individuals still active in football should be investigated.

“We think there’s a wider perspective here and that’s the protection of victims and preventing these things from reoccurring. It’s often the case that when these things go public, other victims come forward.”

In the days since Myers’ death, he has been lauded for his national work on school safety after the Thurston High School shooting in 1998, his legal fight against tobacco companies and his tenacity in strengthening Oregon laws against domestic and sexual violence.

The problem is, even a rising economic tide is not lifting all boats. While new jobs continue to be created in Lane County, not all are highly paid. Some of the jobs that went away during the recession aren’t coming back, and not everyone has the skills or experience needed to land the new ones.

But it was reporter Alisha Roemeling’s story of one boy, Luke Perrin, age 7, that broke the hearts of some Register-Guard readers.

But local nonprofit groups trying to find shelter for people like the Perrins desperately need more support — donations and volunteers. The Oregon Housing Alliance is preparing more proposals to bring to the Legislature, including protections for tenants and incentives to build and retain affordable housing. These proposals will need support. But state and local efforts can only apply a Band-Aid to a gaping wound, they don’t have the resources to heal it.


St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, which operates a number of shelter programs, including for families with children, expanded virtually all of them this year but is struggling to keep up with the growing demand.

The new program, celebrated at an event with college and legislative leaders Monday, has attracted students like Steffanie Deluca-Gifford, an 18-year-old freshman from Tewksbury.

Deluca-Gifford said she’s not sure exactly what job she’d like with her cybersecurity associate degree but she’s confident thanks to an expected boom in the number of such jobs. “There’s so much that you can get into from cybersecurity,” she said.

“The program has been a terrific model,” Piazza said.

LOWELL — Inside a windowless classroom on the fourth floor of a Middle Street building, students are hacking into their classmates’ computers. Others are defending against the hacks.

“I’ve always loved to work with computers and helping people, so with cybersecurity, it’s kind of both,” she said, taking a break from her cybersecurity class on networking.

Middlesex’s program consists of two classrooms and a small secured room where all computer servers for the program are kept. They are kept separate from the rest of the college’s servers for a reason: students use these computers to practice hacking and defending hacking, and no one wants the college’s own servers — whose firewalls were just upgraded — compromised.

“Gene loved his community, family, friends and co-workers.  He really loved people and will be greatly missed,” Henderson said.

When Szymczak became president of Racine-based Educators in 1994, it had about $170 million in assets and 33,000 members. Today it is approaching $1.7 billion in assets and has almost 144,000 members. It is the sixth-biggest credit union based in Wisconsin.

Information on funeral arrangements or a memorial service wasn’t immediately available Monday.

While his institution was achieving that remarkable growth, Szymczak remained a humble leader, Jim Henderson, chief administrative officer for Educators, said in an interview Monday.

Linda Hoover, chief operations officer, was named interim CEO.

Szymczak was with the credit union 44 years, half of that time as top executive, Henderson said.

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