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Long Island Press

Copiague Man Sentenced for $30M Mortgage Scam
Long Island Press
A Copiague man was sentenced Friday to 12 ½ years in federal prison for conning banks out of more than $30 million in a mortgage scam over a six-year span.
Copiague man sentenced to more than 12 years in mortgage scam …Newsday
Long Island mortgage banker gets 12+ years for $100 million …HousingWire

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A spate of student-loan complaints is shining the spotlight once again on the middlemen in a labyrinth known as the loan servicing industry.

Business Achievements are paid weekly listings that recognize the milestones of companies and their employees.

In the consumer agency’s report, borrowers complained about errors that prompted them to make “costly payments they should not have had to make.” Others mentioned surprise late fees, damage to their credit and even inaccurate information being added to their loan file after other problems had been spotted and corrected.

After six months of grace, the loans enter the payment phase.

Student borrowers also described roadblocks in getting errors corrected. For example, the federal agency said, these borrowers “described a series of unsuccessful encounters with different personnel, including staff at their college, the customer service representatives at their college’s enrollment reporting company and their student loan servicer’s customer service staff.”

The upshot of the report: College loan borrowers need to monitor the information on file with their loan servicing company.

The latest report from the consumer agency did not single out any servicing company. But the findings indicate serious issues with paperwork and communication – namely “incomplete, inaccurate or untimely” enrollment status information.

Arguments on a dismissal motion would be 2 p.m. July 12 in Rochester.

• Serious health concerns and reduced life expectancy.

The claim against the city and county was filed in State Supreme Court for Ontario County in Canandaigua.

They are negligence and breach of special duty, inverse condemnation of their property, public and private nuisance, negligent infliction of emotional distress, deprivation of procedural due process, negligent concealment, negligent misrepresentation and fraud.

The amended notice lists eight causes of action.

• Mental anguish of constant worry over wondering about suffering adverse effects of exposure.

D’Orazio and Zerkle are hitting .484 and .452 for the season respectively and Taylor McCord has a .438 average, seven home runs and 33 runs batted in.

Brett Barron of Georgia Southern fired a 9-under-par 63 for the individual lead.

Marshall golfers Cole Moore and Alex Weiss shot 70 and 71 respectively. Thomas Frazier shot 75, Clark Robinson 76, Ben Roeder 80 and Will Evans 82.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Marshall fell into 19th place (21 teams) after Friday’s first round of the Furman Intercollegiate at the Furman University Golf Club.

Sam Finfer hit a two-run homer for Marshall (10-9, 2-2) in the fourth inning and went ahead 3-2 in the sixth on Shane Hanon’s run-scoring single. The Golden Eagles (18-4, 4-0) tied it 3-3 in the home half of the sixth when Matt Wallner homered.

Western Kentucky lost its last five games. The Hilltoppers began conference play by sweeping Middle Tennessee, but was swept by Florida Atlantic.

Saturday’s second round begins at 9:30 a.m. followed by the final round Sunday.

Men’s golf

These numbers from WhoScored.com show just how creative the winger has been over the past couple of Premier League seasons:

Sport’s Rik Sharma believes the formation recently utilised by the manager doesn’t accommodate natural full-backs: 

At Barcelona, he would find it difficult to muscle into the front three ahead of Messi, Neymar or Luis Suarez. But the chance to move to a juggernaut of a club like the Spanish champions would surely appeal to the 26-year-old.

Riyad Mahrez: Only Mesut Özil (32) has created more clear-cut goalscoring chances than Mahrez (29) in the Premier League since August 2015 https://t.co/cjX1iVX02d

Even so, Alba’s performance level hasn’t been consistent over the past couple of seasons. While he’s still a scintillating player with the ball at his feet, his decision-making in the final third has been erratic, while his defensive positioning has also been poor at times.

Percy added that Mahrez is aware of the interest from the Catalan giants and has previously expressed his admiration for Barcelona and Lionel Messi in particular.

20×24 pixel zoomed areas from a picture of a cat’s eye. Uncompressed original on the left. Guetzli (on the right)
shows less ringing artefacts than libjpeg (middle) without requiring a larger file size.

This results in higher quality images at a reduced file size, but also comes with a tradeoff in speed. Google’s engineers say that Guetzli is currently significantly slower than a standard JPEG encoder. Users of the current Windows version are reporting conversion times of several minutes for a single large JPEG.

At the moment, JPEGmini is still a good option for everyday use as it is a polished end-user product, complete with plugins for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. However, a free algorithm such as Guetzli, once the speed issues are addressed, will most definitely pose threat to paid-for products like JPEGmini which hope to charge for exactly the same final result.

However a new, and free to use, compression technology from Google now hopes to revolutionise the JPEG where BGP has failed. Announced earlier this month, Guetzli is a new open source algorithm which creates JPEG files 35% smaller than typical current methods.

The Guetzli encoder works by increasing the level of compression while creating the JPEGs, leaving the standard decompression algorithms for reading and displaying the images unchanged. The increase in compression comes from a new and more sophisticated model of human colour perception than is used by current JPEG encoders.

The crucial difference between Guetzli and BGP is that the latter requires new code to be written before it can be read. Standard browsers and image software would simply fail to read the files without specific support for the format.

What sets Guetzli apart

Another product of the endeavor will be a website, which they will use to share low-budget and do-it-yourself methods with educators, researchers, suppliers and neighbors. They hope it helps Detroiters learn more about how to reduce utility costs and aid in the global fight against climate change, while making sustainable housing more accessible for everyone.

That’s where our Dutch trio comes in: They’re schooled in the recent innovations that help reduce energy consumption and lower household utility bills. But they also are all too aware that these advances are beyond the financial reach of are often so expensive that only the well-to-do can afford them.

They were inspired by the way the city’s residents contended with faulty infrastructure, unresponsive government, disinvested neighborhoods, emergency management, water shutoffs, and tax foreclosures. In fact, it roused them to action: They’re taking a year off from education to put some of their ideas into practice — and doing some good for Detroiters in the process.

Joining forces with local gro

Detroit’s large, drafty, old houses, almost always heated with gas furnaces, were built for increasingly well-to-do workers during a time of cheap energy. As the city’s residents have become poorer and as energy becomes more expensive, heating costs eat up the meager monthly budgets of an increasing number of Detroiters.

Flake’s Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Plan Act would delist the Mexican wolf from the ESA based on having reached a population of 100, an interim goal set in 1982 (an updated recovery plan was developed by the Mexican wolf recovery planning team in 2005 recommending 750 Mexican wolves as a viable, self-sustaining population goal for successful recovery). The ESA saved the Mexican gray wolf from extinction as an “experimental, non-essential” subspecies of the gray wolf, but wildlife advocates have clamored for the federal Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to change the classification to “essential, endangered.”

Flake’s Judicial Administration and Improvement Act intends to outflank environmental judicial review of delisting the Mexican gray wolf by creating a new Twelfth Circuit Court of Appeals. In a new Twelfth Circuit, Arizona would join Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington where Rocky Mountain gray wolves lost ESA protections in 2011 and 2012. In Idaho and Montana, 545 wolves were killed during the 2011-12 hunting season and on March 6, 2017, gray wolves in Wyoming were delisted for a second time, inviting another open season on gray wolves.

Dennis DuVall is a Prescott resident and Veteran For Peace.

Flake’s anti-wolf bill is the culmination of state and congressional assaults to shred the Endangered Species Act (ESA), emasculate wolf science, manipulate the courts, and hand the Mexican wolf recovery plan over to the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD).

Will the Mexican wolf survive? Not likely if Sen. Jeff Flake and Arizona ranchers have their way (“Moving goal for Mexican gray wolf,” Courier, Feb. 25).

Wolf activists want to expand Lobo’s recovery habitat to north of the Grand Canyon, end the practice of capturing and relocating wolves, eliminate invisible boundaries to wolf movement, end lethal removals, and supplement the wild Mexican wolf population with 300 captive-bred wolves to increase the number of packs and breeding pairs.

In spite of AFGD’s political management, FWS and AGFD can point to success in bringing Lobo back. AGFD is already the lead agency in the critical day-to-day work of improving the genetic health of a growing Mexican wolf population (113 wolves in 21 packs in 2016) and aiding the survival of wild-born wolf pups (50 in 2016, twice the number as the year before). Unfortunately Sen. Flake’s Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan Act will remove ESA protections and end federal oversight, setting back Mexican wolf recovery efforts of the past 19 years.

The process works based on a professional search engine that analyzes information each driver provides and then selects relevant policies for each customer. The search engine is always updated with the latest car insurance quotes.

Cheaper auto insurance is something that every driver is after. If the premiums go out of control, a plan can do more harm than good. It is best to find a good policy but with affordable rates from the start. Agencies are not to keen on reducing the premiums of a policy but they will jump at every opportunity to increase them.

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How to compare free auto insurance quotes

“The number of graduates have increased tremendously,” says Hainnu.

The District Education Authority has also been working to improve attendance. Quluaq school has been throwing monthly and yearly celebrations for students who maintain good attendance, with certificates and prizes.

There was one particular lunch when Hainnu says they had “so much fun” that she forgot to actually mention to the students to come back to school.

“I think the students are back because they are more informed of what to expect.” – Rebecca Hainnu

“We’ve had wonderful experiences during these lunches,” says Hainnu.

“But the next day, they were in registering. So they brought themselves back…I think they convinced each other. We did very little… They wanted to finish school.”

There are currently 337 students registered from kindergarten to Grade 12, “and we had four new additions to our school in the past two weeks,” says Hainnu.