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Credit Dave Roberts For Dodgers Success
It's time to credit Dave Roberts for the club's success. Whether he is named NL Manager of the Year or not, he has been a great rookie manager. He is a leader of men. Whether we can define it precisely or not, Roberts has that certain something that

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Accounts payable are debts that must be closed within a specified period to avoid default. For instance, at the corporate level, it indicates short-term debt outgoings to suppliers

While for the year ended 2016-06-30 the change in inventory was $-1.647 millions. For the quarter ended 2016-06-30 it was $-1.647 millions.

Current Deferred tax assets was $2.18 millions for the fiscal closed at 2016-06-30. While for the quarter ended 2016-06-30, it was $2.18 millions.

For the year ended 2016-06-30 days sales in receivables was 68.6217. While for the quarter closed 2016-06-30 it stood at 68.6217.

Accounts payable can be defined as an accounting entry that reflects an entity’s onus to close a short-term debt. On certain balance sheets, it is an entry that comes under the current liabilities. Another usage of AP relates to a business division or department that is accountable for making payments owed by the firm to creditors and suppliers.

For the year ended 2016-06-30, the change in accounts payable was $0.089 millions. While for the quarter ended 2016-06-30 it was $0.089 millions.

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Research by Lloyds bank discovered that relocating to somewhere an hour’s commute from London can often mean having to pay 100s of 1000’s of pounds less for any home. As the average cost of the home working in london transport zones 1 and 2 was £741,919, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, the typical was £183,345, during Peterborough, it had been £189,319, Lloyds stated.

Internal migration data in the Office for National Statistics also demonstrated a clear, crisp rise in the amount of children departing the main city. In 2014-15, 26,920 more children under 10 moved from London than arrived, in comparison having a difference of 19,980 3 years formerly.

“However, the choice of whether to reside in the town or even further away isn’t just a trade-off between financial costs and journey occasions. Quality of existence is another major factor: family conditions, better schools, physical atmosphere and houses that provide better good value are available in to the equation.”

Campaign group Generation Rent states exodus has happened during an occasion when property prices within the capital rose by 37%

It stated almost two-thirds of individuals leaving London choose to go elsewhere within the south-east and also the east of England commuter belt, while 12% had gone to live in the Midlands and 11% to northern England.

“It is difficult to say if I thought I would come back after the Olympics. It is difficult to answer. I don’t know how I have to answer. I am staying here and I am very happy I am staying. I like playing for Tottenham and I like scoring goals.

“He came to see me and said he needed my help, and I said: ‘OK, always my door is open’. He is a quiet person, a nice person,” Pochettino said, according to The Daily Mail. “After the Olympic Games his idea was to leave to go to Germany. In his mind, he would like to move but in the end he accepted the decision to stay and fight for his position.

Following an uncertain campaign since his £22m move, according to The Guardian, to north London, during which he netted just eight times in 42 outings in all competitions, Son was linked with a return to Germany with Wolfsburg. Spurs were understood to be looking to recoup the money they paid for the forward 12 months previous, but Mauricio Pochettino pulled the plug on the deal.

“The truth is on the pitch. I say this to all my players. If you deserve to play, you will play. It’s not about names, it’s about performances. I am happy for him. His performance was fantastic. That’s why we waited for him.”

And following the fast start to the campaign, Son is delighted with the decision taken by Tottenham which now sees him as the club’s primary attacking threat in the absence of the injured Harry Kane. Son’s request for more opportunities has been answered – with his club reaping the rewards.

Son Heung-min is relieved Tottenham Hotspur decided against selling him during the summer transfer window following his blistering start to the season. The South Korea started the campaign playing in the Olympic Games but upon his return to White Hart Lane he has scored four times in three appearances – including a double in the Premier League win over Middlesbrough.

“I am very happy now,” said Son, according to The Daily Telegraph. “It was good to talk to the manager. All I have wanted to do is play in the Premier League, it is the best league. I am very happy to stay here and to be out on the pitch.

What About Kanban?
Kanban boards are another example of collaboration tools that are more like a deck of cards. Trello is one example of an online kanban tool. Software development and programming teams often use kanban in a highly specified, predetermined way (like playing Texas Hold’em), whereas those using kanban for personal use can make up any rules they like.

Collaboration tools alone can’t dictate whether people will vent and dissent in the appropriate places. It has to come from company culture. People in leadership positions need to make clear whether they want team members to speak up with complaints and arguments within the context of the work or outside it. Who needs to know when there’s a problem? Do team members want anonymity before expressing a concern or complaint? Is complaining done for catharsis or to highlight potential problems with the work and workflows? If it’s going to happen anyway (and it is), it’s better to take it into account and make decisions about it rather than pretend it isn’t happening.

Asana (and many other collaboration tools; I’ll give more examples in a moment), as I said, is like a deck of cards. So to make Asana work, everyone needs to know how the game is played, what are the rules, what is the objective, and how the game ends.

Mapping Mindsets
When mapping workflows, you’ll also spend time figuring out how your organization thinks, collectively. What is your organization’s mindset about projects, people, or topics of interest? It’s relevant in Asana, as well as in other collaboration tools.

Thinking back on it, these job jackets were a precursor to and physical manifestation of today’s workflow software, like Asana. The workflow chart that was pinned to the wall was an excellent orientation for me, as a new employee, and anyone else being onboarded. It gave me a crystal clear picture of what the organization did, and how.

Mapping Workflows
With workflow software, there’s usually something that gets completed, even if the whole process is ongoing. Whatever can be completed is usually your tasks or subtasks.

From an employee’s or team member’s point of view, collaboration tools are very often used as a place to blow off steam. In my experience, people will air their grievances regardless of whether the collaboration tools give them a dedicated space for it. Some organizations value open debate and even heated discussions about work, whereas others see it as distracting and potentially dangerous.

AS THE sun sets on the ridge in Baguio, Robin, a 27-year-old balikbayan from Canada, sits in the living room of a mid-century house, keeping track of the daily death count of President Duterte’s war on drugs.

Because of the stigma of substance abuse, Kaya had to change residences since it opened in 2015. It opened at scenic Camp John Hay, then moved to the Oppen House due to pressure from neighbors. Its present location at a nine-room home in Leonard Wood is comfortable, but needs a facelift.

Kaya’s clinical manager and psychologist, Dr. Geraldine Llanes-Leaño, explains that aside from cognitive behavioral therapy, Kaya’s method consists of motivational interviewing, or positively coaching the client to sort out issues  and reduce the impact of substance abuse. The program also relies on the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) 12-step program, where participants detach themselves from drugs and booze, own up to their powerlessness over these substances, and depend on God instead.

Grace (not her real name) started using drugs out of curiosity and rebellion. Working in a call center, she fell in love with her boss, a functional junkie. She broke off after a decade and then met her current boyfriend at Narcotics Anonymous. They were sober until her boyfriend had a relapse, fought with his parents and was fired from his job.

Macasaet observes that the main issues of addiction for many clients stem from long-held misconceptions about the self since childhood, damaged by a cold or dysfunctional family and peer pressure.

His mother, who was suffering from breast cancer, had to sell the car to bail him out. She responded with tough love, which, in most cases, fails. The demand for an immediate end to substance abuse further damages the fragile relationship.

“You have a choice,” says Robin, who has been recovering at Kaya, a high-end addiction treatment center that espouses a humane approach. In the past few months, he’s been enjoying wholesome food, the quiet life in the City of Pines, meaningful conversations with Kaya’s counselors and other clients, regular excursions to museums and other destinations, and moments of reflection.

The 27-year-old played all 16 games again in his first season with the Giants last year, and he caught a career-high 59 passes along the way.

New York’s backfield depth is thin, as Jennings is currently dealing with a thumb injury. Orleans Darkwa is capable of handling an expanded role, but quarterback Eli Manning will miss having Vereen as his safety net.

During his four years in New England, Vereen was often unable to stay on the field. His final season with the team in 2014 was the first he managed to play all 16 regular-season games since being drafted in 2011, and he made a career-high six starts in the process.

The Giants, who haven’t had a 1,000-yard rusher since Ahmad Bradshaw in 2012, are trying to find some consistency with their running game. They finished 19th in rushing yards last season, marking the third straight season that they ranked in the bottom half of the league.

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However, Vereen’s ability to catch passes out of the backfield added a new dimension to the Giants offense that Rashad Jennings doesn’t possess.

Vicksburg Post
As number of pre-K classes increases, so does performance
Vicksburg Post
“My hopes are the Legislature will see it as something that is essential for our state, and if that decision is made to support pre-K, hopefully we can receive full funding for them like any other student,” Shealy said, adding until then every

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The DUI arrest was the final straw for Bucs management. Seferian-Jenkins was kicked out of a Bucs practice in August by coach Dirk Koetter for not knowing where to line up, an incident the player called a “wake-up call.”

The tight end was claimed by the Jets after being waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday, the Jets announced Monday. New York waived linebacker Julian Stanford to make room for Seferian-Jenkins.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is headed to New York.

It’s a new start for the athletic pass catcher. After being selected in the second-round of the 2014 draft, ASJ has flashed talent in the passing game, but has been inconsistent on the field and injury prone.

The Jets have zero receptions from the tight end position through three games in 2016.

Now he’ll have a chance to wake up in Chan Gailey’s offense. Standing 6-foot-5, ASJ provides another massive target for Ryan Fitzpatrick alongside receivers Brandon Marshall (6-4), Eric Decker (6-3) and Quincy Enunwa.(6-2).